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Pay As You Go

1. What is Pay As You Go?
“Pay As You Go” (PAYG) is a mobile internet service where you may use our internet services at a standard rate of $0.05 per Megabyte (MB) only if you do not have sufficient data allowance in your account balance.  This is also another way to access the internet where no data plan subscription is required. Pays As You Go will be auto disabled for 5 minutes whenever you do a voucher card top-up or received credits being transferred from another customer.  Therefore, all customers are advisable to purchase any bundle within the 5 minutes window before PAYG is reactivated.

2. What is the PAYG rate of using mobile internet without a sufficient mobile data balance?
You will be charged $0.05 per MB for using PAYG mobile internet services.

3. Will I still be able to access the internet if I do not have data in my account balance?
Yes, you may still access the internet instantly provided that you have sufficient purchased credit in your e-wallet.

Mobile Data Plans are available on TTC Mobile App and TTC web self-care

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