Frequent Ask Questions

Kasefika terminal

Where can I buy a Kasefika terminal set?

You can buy a Kasefika terminal set at the TTC cashier in Funafuti during working hours provided that your application form has been approved. For outer islands, you can contact the station technician during working hours. All application forms can be downloaded from this website under "Form".

Where can I install my Kasefika Terminal?

You can install your Kasefika terminal on Funafuti or on the outer islands once it is fully paid. Furthermore, the terminal location depends on the result of a survey done by TTC staff. It is recommended that all 1.2m antennaes to be mounted on a post with a proper cement base on the ground. Mounting the antenna on roof top is not an option.

Who will do the installation of the Kasefika terminal?

TTC team will assemble and install the antenna, mount the transceiver BUC, install the sat modem and run the coax cable into the premises.

What is included in the Kasefika terminal set?

1 x 1.2m antenna 1 x Newtec MDM 2510 Modem 1 x Transceiver BUC 10m Coax cables with F-Connectors.

Where can I buy Kasefika Surf voucher cards?

You can purchase those at the TTC cashier on Funafuti or at the TTC outer islands office.

Where can I use my Kasefika Surf voucher card?

You can only use all Surf voucher cards in our Community WIFI setup on the outer islands except for Funafuti and Niulakita.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my Kasefika Terminal?

Please contact TTC Station Technician if you are in the outer islands. Customers in Funafuti can contact our technician at 444 and also to the TTC Hub at 555, or sent an email to

What is MIR forward (FWD) and MIR return (RTN)?

Maximum Information Rate is the maximum that your bandwidth can increase or burst when bandwidth are available. MIR (FWD) Kacific to TTC The maximum amount of bandwidth a user can download when there is available bandwidth. MIR (RTN) TTC to Kacific The maximum upload speed by a user when there is available bandwidth.

What is CIR?

Committed Information Rate is a method that ensures that a user downloading and uploading speed of data is guaranteed even when the link bandwidth is fully utilised.

Any justification or explanation about the current Kasefika pricing?

1. The current Kasefika rates are already 50% cheaper than the 3G & 4G, ADSL rates 2. Unlimited plans are generally differentiated by their speed where the speed is directly proportional to the price. 3. Limited plans have different data allowances allocation but with the same speed (MIR). Pricing is directly proportional to the data allowances.

Would TTC provide a WIFI access point with the Kasefika terminal set?

No, due to the unavailability of WIFI access point in stock. We are kindly requesting all our Kasefika customers to provide a WIFI access point and our team will do the configuration and installation. WIFI access point will be provided by TTC once we received the new order.

Wifi Hotspot

Where can I connect to a TTC SuperWifi Hotspot in Tuvalu?

You can only connect to the internet if you are connected to one of the TTC Wifi Hotspot. Wifi Hotspot locations on Funafuti and on the outer islands can be found in this link

Why am I experiencing slow WIFI connection?

Please check that you have a strong Wi-Fi signal on your device and make sure you are closer and have a clear line of sight to a TTC Hotspot Wi-Fi antennae. Contact our technical support team by phone 555 or email if you are still facing further issues.

Where can I purchase a SuperWiFi voucher card?

For customers on Funafuti, you can buy Wi-Fi cards at the TTC cashier from Monday-Friday (9am to 3pm). For outer islands, you can purchase WIFI cards at our TTC station office.

Telephone Line

Why I am not able to make any calls to the outer islands?

Due to an issue related to the TTC satellite hub, all calls to, from and within the islands are being affected for further notice. TTC apologize for this inconvinience caused.

Why can't I call out?

Please check that your landline has a dial tone. If you could hear a dial tone, then call 20005 to verify if you have credits in your account. Also, If you have no dial tone, contact the line technician by phone number 444 or TTC Hub at 555.

How much do I need to pay if I want to shift my landline to another location?

Please contact TTC cashier on Funafuti at 20013 or lines technician at 444.


How do I apply for an ADSL connection?

You need to fill in an ADSL application form and get it approved before you can get a connection. You can collect an ADSL application Form at the TTC cashier.

What devices do I need to buy?

You need to buy an ADSL modem router and ethernet cables.


How do i access my account?

You can access your account by using this link
or by downloading the TTC app on the Google Play website

How do I make an international call from my mobile?

You need to buy an ewallet plan in order to make an international call.

What is the specification for mobile phones that is supported by your network?

Your mobile phone should support one of these frequencies.
700 Mhz, 900 Mhz - Band 8, 1800 Mhz - Band 3, 850 Mhz - Band 5.

Can you unlock my phone (network lock)?

We do not unlock mobile phones as a service. Please consult with businesses that implement such a service in Funafuti.

What is the 4G LTE coverage in Funafuti?

There is coverage on Funafuti Island except for blindspots at the Fetuvalu area. In the northern end of the island, you can only use your data without voice. Voice can only work if you near to the main settlement.

How do I configure my 4G LTE modem?

Our CSR staff at the TTC main office will configure your modem. You can also reach them by phone number 20005.