Frequent Ask Questions


How do I access my account?

You can access your account by using this link
or by downloading the TTC app on the Google Play website or App Store.

How do I make an international call from my mobile?

You need to buy an ewallet plan in order to make an international call.

What is the specification for mobile phones that is supported by your network?

Your mobile phone should support one of these frequencies.
700 Mhz, 900 Mhz - Band 8, 1800 Mhz - Band 3, 850 Mhz - Band 5.

Can you unlock my phone (network lock)?

We do not unlock mobile phones as a service. Please consult with businesses that implement such a service in Funafuti.

What is the 4G LTE coverage in Funafuti?

There is coverage on Funafuti Island except for blindspots at the Fetuvalu area. In the northern end of the island, you can only use your data without voice. Voice can only work if you near to the main settlement.

How do I configure my 4G LTE modem?

Our CSR staff at the TTC main office will configure your modem. You can also reach them by phone number 20005.

What frequency does 4G and 3G use?

  • TTC 4G Network uses 850 MHz frequency and 1800 MHz frequency.
  • TTC 3G Network uses 900 MHz

Is 4G use for sms, voice & data?

4G support sms, voice and data. For mobile device does not support Volte (voice). When receiving and making voice calls you will be seamlessly switched to our 3G Network layers and you can continue to use your phone normally for voice calls.