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Is the PABX System ideal for your business?

To determine whether or not a PABX system is suitable, you should consider the following pros and cons:


Advantages of PABX systems

  • Negates the need to have direct lines for each individual terminal, keeping line rental overheads low

  • Automatically routes incoming calls to specific extensions

  • Interconnected on-premises terminals can call each other free of charge, encouraging good communication and efficient business operations

  • Calls can be logged automatically, aiding understanding of where time and/or money can be saved within an organization.

Disadvantages of PABX systems

  • Can be an expensive (but worthwhile) business investment

  • The services of an external technician may be required to keep a PABX system operating smoothly

Interested in a PABX telecom system for your business?

Call TTC today on 555 to discuss your needs

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