Kasefika Frequently Ask Questions

Where can I buy a Kasefika Terminal set?

You can buy a Kasefika terminal set at the TTC cashier in Funafuti during working hours provided that your application form has been approved. For outer islands, you can contat the station technician during working hours. All application forms can be donwload from this website under "Application Form".

Where can I install my Kasefika Terminal?

You can install your Kasefika terminal on Funafuti or on the outer islands once it is fully paid. Furthermore, the terminal location depends on the result of a survey done by the TTC Staff. It is recommended that all 1.2m antenna to be mounted on a post with a proper cement base on the ground. Mounting the antenna on roof top is not an option.

Who will do the installation of the Kasefika Terminal?

TTC team will assemble and install the antenna, mount the transceiver BUC, install the sat modem and run the coax cable into the premises.

What is included in the Kasefika Terminal set?

1 x 1.2m antenna 1 x Newtec MDM 2510 Modem 1 x Transceiver BUC 10m Coax cables with F-Connectors.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my Kasefika Terminal?

Please contact TTC Station Technician if you are in the outer island. Customers in Funafuti can contact our technician at 444 and also to the TTC Hub at 555, or sent an email to

What is MIR forward (FWD) and MIR return (RTN)?

Maximum Information Rate is the maximum that your bandwidth can increase or burst when bandwidth are available. MIR (FWD) Kacific to TTC The maximum amunt of bandwidth a user can download when there is available bandwidth The maximum upload speed by a user when there is available bandwidth.

What is CIR?

Committed Information Rate is a method that ensures that a user downloading and uploading speed of data is guaranteed even when the link banwidth is fully utilised.

Any justification or explanation about the current Kasefika pricing?

1. The current Kasefika rates are already 50% cheaper than the 3G & 4G, ADSL rates. 2. Unlimited plans are generally differentiated by their speed where the speed is directly proportional to the price. 3. Limited plans have different data allowances allocation but with the same speed (MIR). Pricing is directly proportional to the data allowances.

Would TTC provide a WiFi access point with the Kasefika terminal set?

No, dye to the unavailability of WiFi access point in stock. We are kindly requestion all our Kasefika customers to provide a WiFi access point and our team will do the configuration and installation. WiFi access point will be provided by the TTC once we received the new order.