Website and Value Added Administrator

Job Location

Funafuti, Tuvalu

Published Date

14 March 2021, 9:00:00 pm

Closing Date

25 March 2022, 4:30:00 am

About the job

Under the new IT Department structure, a new division (Website & Value Added Service) was
created to further strengthen the company key priorities layout on the new Corporate plan. The division will focus entirely on the development and management of web and social media platforms and the implementation and management of all new value added services.
Evangelizing products and services internally and externally is one of the core responsibilities of the Website & Value Added Service administrator.
The new division will be working closely with the Sales and Marketing officer, Engineering
Department, and Customer Service administrator on new promotional campaigns, products and
services awareness. Last and not the least, it ensures that all media pages are effectively
managed and with high quality and standards.
● Manage the web & social media pages
● Research, plan, implement and manage all current and new value added services.
● Promote products and services internally and externally.
1. Understand customer requirements related to the value added services and continue
delivery of quality value added services to customers.
2. Write detailed products and services requirements to be consumed by the Engineering
Team for execution.
3. Monitor, report and improve products and services performance.
4. Promote products and services to sales teams through training.
5. Develop and deliver training to the Customer Service Team on new products and
6. Deliver a regular (e.g. monthly) volume, revenue and profit forecasts.
7. Plan, design and work closely with an external website developer to develop the
company e-Commerce website.
8. Works in partnership with other departments to support the website timely and relevant
content for products and services, promotions, events and announcements.
9. Update product information and content on the website.
10. Create banners, images and promotions for display on the website (using products like
11. Update content managed areas (copy & artwork)
12. Manage website and social media page configuration & parameters (eg payment
options, stock management)
13. Investigate and report any operational or technical issues arising.
14. Scope and document ongoing website functional projects /improvements.
15. Liaise with e-Commerce agencies regarding the day to day management of the website.



● Undergraduate degree in Information Technology/System or a related field 

● Advance knowledge in web and social media technologies development and management 

● High level of knowledge in mobile value added services 

● At least 2 years work experience in a related position 


● High level oral and written communication skills (English and Tuvaluan) 

● Sound time management skills 


Applicant through their application MUST: 

1. Address all the qualification requirements of the job description. 

2. Address each of the responsibilities of the job as listed in the job description indicating how best you can carry out those responsibilities satisfactorily and at the same time add value to the job. 

3. The response in each case in (i) and (ii) must reflect the information in the CV; and the job application checklist



AU$14,000 to $18,500