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Sales and Marketing Officer - SMO

Job Location

Published Date

23 February 2023 at 2:00:00 am

Closing Date


About the job

The SMO is a newly established position under the new TTC Organisation structure which is an exciting role for a motivated sales and marketing individual who has innovative ideas, an awesome personality and enthusiasm to take TTC to the next level. The SMO should fully understand all products and services provided by TTC and become a strategic contributor who understands key business drivers for all TTC services.

1. Responsible for the development of strong relationships with TTC customers.
2. Conducting research on new marketing opportunities and platforms.
3. Identify potential new leads by defining target customers.
4. Creation of engagement content by means of email marketing, social media posting,
news articles and website pages.
5. Use of data and analytics to generate reports on the performance of TTC services.

1. Manage and perform all sales and marketing functions for TTC.
2. Ensure TTC products and services are effectively marketed and sold through various
3. Work closely with other departments on the marketing and promotion of TTC
products and services.
4. Identify new marketing opportunities.
5. Establish and maintain effective coordination with domain registries and registrars.
6. Facilitate, coordinate and support TTC events for the promotion of TTC products and
7. Report to the CEO and attend to any other duties assigned by the CEO from time to



1. Bachelor in Marketing and Management, Information Systems or a related field.

2. Excellent knowledge and skills in marketing and sales with proven sales experience.

3. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, capable of building strong workingrelationships and influencing customers and department teams.

4. Excellent presentation skills with good planning and management skills.

5. Sound experience with email marketing platforms with social media marketingplatforms.

6. Familiar with website management.

7. Sound experience in customer relationship management.

8. Sound knowledge of all TTC products and services.


1. Excellent oral and written communication skills in both English and Tuvaluan.

2. Effective communication skills for improving performance for all marketing efforts.

3. At least two years working experience in a similar position.

Applicants through their application MUST:

1. Address all the qualification requirements of the job description.

2. Address each of the responsibilities of the job as listed in the job description indicating how best they can carry out those responsibilities satisfactorily and at thesame time add value to the job.

3. Respond to (1) and (2) with information reflecting those in their CV and otherattached documents.



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